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I'm a photo editor, a child care worker, an almost college graduate, and a resident of California.



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Made this for my boyfriend


When I worked at a non-profit that handled suicide prevention, I had access to the donation records. Each month, a specific man donated 15$ to our organization. It was like clockwork.. same day, same man, he had been doing this for over 4 years. It always seemed odd to me but I never questioned it… until I saw a note attached one month. "For Noah- Dad"

his donation was once his child’s allowance.

I can promise you, they would miss you for the rest of their lives.

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i have two moods

I’ll Cover You

and I’ll Cover you (Reprise)


I really want there to be a musical theater convention where people cosplay as different Broadway characters. And there are different panels to talk about new musicals that are coming out or just came out. And every night there is a giant party where instead of playing techno or pop they play Les Mis, Next to Normal, and Guys & Dolls.

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single, not sure how to mingle

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